We Set A Date

We Set A Date

     J and I have finally set a date to get married! It’s only taken us a little over a year to finally decide on a date. It’s about 3 months away from today though, October 20th! I’m really excited, we aren’t doing anything fancy, just go to the courthouse. We just decided to make it that far away so we have enough tie to plan a honeymoon, get the marriage license, and get the wedding rings.

     We’re going to see my aunt and grandmother this Sunday and I’m gonna ask one of them to go with me to get the marriage license, since J goes to work before the place opens and gets home half an hour before it closes. We live more than half an hour away from it so we’d never be able to get there on time. So we decided I’ll go get the marriage license done, then we’d do the rings together, and my mom and I will go get a dress for me to wear.

     I haven’t been this excited in a while, like… Wow, it’s finally going to happen! I’m going to a wife, and to be specific I’m going to be J’s wife! I can’t wait to be his Mrs. I’m tired of being his over glorified girlfriend, we live together, we do almost everything together. We have our whole life together planned out, what’s really been stopping us from getting married already? I can’t believe this is really happening… I just hope J does a good job planning the honeymoon.


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