The Lack Of Dominance

The Lack Of Dominance

     Dominance is something I crave very strongly. I love when I’m being dominated, as I’m sure you all know from some of my past post. Well J doesn’t do it that often because he’s not into dominance outside of sex. Frankly he thinks it’s weird to bring it out of sex, which is why I don’t do much of the DD/LG; because that’s just not something he’s interested in. It’s very irritating because I need to be dominated in a nonsexual way sometimes, it helps bring down my anxiety, which I really need right now with the problems at my current job and the slight trouble I’m having with finding a new job.

     sometimes I find it hard to take him seriously because he doesn’t ever seem to want to take control. Plus I just feel kinda ignored when it comes to some of my wants/needs. I do a lot of what he wants; sometimes I wonder if  he’s right when he asks if I think we’re compatible, but when I look at him and we talk I know he’s the one. Even when I don’t get the full BDSM experience I want. It’s just really frustrating right now because of everything going on in my work life and because I for once enjoy sex and feel comfortable and I”m not getting the things I really want to do. I know that sounds kinda bratty, but I don’t mean it in that way, just don’t know how to word it.

      I don’t know how to really explain to him that BDSM is sometimes more than just sex. Maybe there’s no way to get him to understand, he seems very sure of it, that it’s weird to take it out of sex. It’s kinda funny to listen to him talk about it because I think the opposite of a lot of the things he says. I love him, and I love his though process. BDSM isn’t a mandatory thing for me, it’s just… I don’t know, sometimes I wish I could get more from there…

     I’ve tried multiple times to bring it up in many different ways, I even want as far as to “mention” something I “read” that I wanted to just “discuss”. I was very…. disappointed with the results from that. He was absolutely not into the idea and made it very clear. I mean I wasn’t fully into the thing I brought up, I was just mildly interested in it. I just wish he was less judgemental of these things because I’m very open to them, and a lot of it kinda turns me on.

     I love him though, and the sex is good, even when it’s not fully what I want. I want to marry him that’s for sure. I really can’t wait for October…. Well my rant is over, have a wonderful day guys!!!

BDSM and pregnant / mother to be?

BDSM and pregnant / mother to be?

Something most people don’t know about J and I is that we’re in a DD/LG [daddy Dom/little girl]  relationship (a specific type of Dom/sub relationship). We’ve been in this kind of relationship for most of our relationship, and he’s an amazing daddy Dom. I love his daddy Dom side, he’s very firm yet very loving work me. 

Since I’ve gotten pregnant though we’ve both been having a hard time going into Daddy and little space. I really miss it and I’ve tried talking to him about it, it’s hard to though. We’ve both have have a huge responsibility on the way, along with us working most of the day almost everyday. It seems like we don’t really have time for the DD/LG part of our relationship anymore, which really sucks. 

I love being his little girl, he loves being my daddy. It’s something we did all the time when together, now it’s just during sex. He doesn’t color with me, read to me, play with my stuffed animals with me anymore. I miss it so much, I feel like a huge part of me / our relationship is disappearing. 

We did talk about it for a few minutes a few days ago. He said he feels like if we keep up with the DD/LG part of our relationship, he’ll end up having to take care of the baby and me by himself. Which is NOT true, I want our baby very much, and will be a mother. I only want the dd/lg to be during our time alone together, like it’s been​ the entire time. I don’t know how to explain it to him though, it’s always been hard for me to talk to him about my BDSM wants/needs. 

Our kinky sex has kinda stopped as well, all we really do is take turns tying each other up and I call him daddy during sex. We used to do so much more, like spanking, breath play, hair pulling, blind folding, and a lot lot lot more. He’s to afraid to do any of that anymore though, he’s afraid he’ll hurt the baby if we do any of this. I’m not even showing that much, he doesn’t need to worry as much as he does. It’s not like we do really crazy things that can really harm me, and the things we do we know how to do safely. 

I’ll probably write another post to update how things are going. I’m going to try and talk to him tonight at work, if I don’t pass out as soon as we get home.